Will You Be Successful?

Today has been a beautiful day:) I got to spend some time with my good friend Chris Assaad. He and I began to speak briefly about our life’s mission, worthiness, and what it really means to be successful.

I really began to reflect on how we often put our success as a result. That after x,y and z happen then I will be able to rest and say that I have “made it” that I am “successful”

Made it at what really is the question? Made it at life? That’s one part of the misconception. Things that have nothing to do with actually being a success at living a great life, get looked at as though you are living a great life.


For myself growing up as an actor, I had certain achievements that I felt would have made me feel content, and would have considered myself to have “made it”

Now, in truth, by the age of 16 I had accomplished all those things that were goals in my mind. For a short period of time this made the immature part of me feel totally satisfied. On the level of financial security, in the eyes of the world, being accepted for my accomplishments, but eventually in the eyes of my soul I had to realize these things were all very empty.

So ultimately as time passed I realized that I did not feel fulfilled. I actually began to feel a bit fearful. I started to think about what would happen when things did not continue to be the same way, “what if I lost all the money that I had made, what If I never worked as an actor again…etc”

Really the beauty of having this experience at a young age is,..you get over it sooner. Most people actually think that some of the achievements they strive for actually are worth all the time and energy the spend to get it. Some spend 60 years of their lives trying to achieve this thing,(fame, status, money, power ) and then finally get there and realize what they have been spending their whole life seeking…was a ghost.

Thank the lord it only took me 16 years to see the emptiness in it all. So now I have the rest of my life to actually be fulfilled by doing something and living with a quality that actually is an expression of fulfillment and success, not a search for it. To let go of the idea that some external goal will be the measure of my success and the means to my happiness.

Now yes it is nice to see certain results reflected to you when you put forth an effort. But if all you are seeking is, external approval or some kind of reward, then your happiness is on a tight rope, and you will continue to be emotionally imbalanced.

We must all remember, what the goal is. The goal is not some THING. Money, fame, status, a relationship. The goal is HAPPINESS. All these things we have placed in our minds, is what we believe is a MEANS to our happiness, but often times it can be the source of our suffering. So if the goal is happiness, we really must explore if we have been successful at finding that state, or if we have created more suffering in our lives by seeking it.

Happiness. Joy. Peace. Bliss. Fulfillment.

These QUALITIES are the goal. Nothing else. So once we remember this we can ask ourselves ever moment; “Is there a way for me to tap into these qualities by just being present with where I am?” I think if you breathe slow and deep and in gratitude, you will feel the answer is yes:)

I love you all.

Time and time again we will hear that we must go within. We must find fulfillment in ourselves. It can often feel easier said… So yes in truth all is a practice. To recognize that any moment we feel some situation, person, place or thing has the key to our joy happiness and true success, In those moments, Come back to your breath, your life and remember all that we need is here now…


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