The Stages Of Freedom

The Stages Of Freedom

Today I felt inspired to write about freedom and the stages of freedom.  For me, when I was younger, I always thought about freedom very externally; in the physical sense.  Where can I travel?  Where can I go so that I can be free?


Then, as I began to evolve, I began to be aware that our real freedom is internal. 

How can we express ourselves?

How free do we feel in our thought process?

I began to realize that even if I was physically free, and I could go wherever I wanted to, that in my mind I was trapped.


I know so many of you can relate to this! 

My favorite quote is by Osho who states:
“The only thing higher than love is freedom, and love is the path to freedom.”

How do we love ourselves enough to get free? 

Not just externally (yes, that will be apart of it, don’t deny that aspect in what you need to do to nurture yourself), but true freedom is internal.


You could say paradoxically you might even create physical structures to support your internal freedom.  

For me, I had this practice of meditation for some time daily, and that’s one of the structure that I have created for myself to support my internal freedom.

Depending on where you are, you might rebel against that, feel imprisoned, or feel as though it is being forced upon you.  Eventually, you may pursue these things.  It gets more nuanced over time.  We start to become aware of all of the desires and attachments that bind us.

For example, if you find yourself in a space where you’re giving to someone, anybody on the street begging, or a family member, and you have this internal desire for them to look at you, smile, and be grateful, even in that moment there if a subtle layer of being bound. In that moment, if you don’t get the desired response, you might feel agitated.
How Do We GIVE Freely? How Do We LOVE Freely?
How do we act and live in a way that we have no expectations? Not because it seems nice, but because we actually get to a point where we become aware that there really is no other way.
We can’t be free through the process of having all of these desires and expectations.  If something comes, let it come.  If the person is grateful when you give them a gift, then great. Receive that.  And if they’re not, that is also beautiful and you can receive that too.  You’ve played your part and you’ve done what you’ve been called to do.

With Love,

Andrew McFarlane.


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