The Power Of Language

The Power of Language

Today I am writing about the power of language and conscious communication.

Primarily, because what I’ve learned is that the way we communicate about things reveals a lot about our subconscious.  How we really feel about what it is that were doing manifests, and words are powerful. 

Growing up, we know this phrase “ sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

That’s true, but words also have and effect.  They can enlighten people, they can calm people, they can nurture people, they can make people defensive.

There are so many things in our art of communication. To me, communication truly is an art form that we can imbibe through our words, and yes, there is a lot of energy.
Someone once said, “ Words are the bucket that carry the water.”  So part of it is the content. Another part of it is the vibration that is being imbibed and infused in the language, in the words.

Right now, since I’ve been in conversation with many entrepreneurs really looking to manifest things that are deeply in their hearts, I’ve seen a lot of times, even in myself, that we’ll communicate in ways that are disempowering and not even know it.

For example: You have a project that you’re working on, and you say “ I’m trying to get this thing off the ground.” The word trying is really not and empowered word.

I’ve got into the practice that anytime I’m in the process of creating something I make the “ I AM” statement.  I AM creating a business because that actually has a lot of power.  Not only for reflecting the commitment for yourself, but also to the environment around you.

What happens is the people in your community begin to hold that space and that vision for you. Or, they’ll hold the vision that you’re trying.

There is only this now moment.  If you’re trying in this now moment you will be forever trying.  But if you’re creating in this now moment, you’re forever creating.
Yes, things will change and you’ll adapt. It doesn’t mean that your vision can’t shift. But the question is, what is your commitment level?
Another example: I was reading in this book (I don’t remember the author’s name), but it was about conscious language.  It was using the example that someone may have made the statement that they couldn’t go to college because they had to take care of their kids.  The offering, and the reframe was that, “ I chose not to go to college because I felt that it was more important to take care of my kids.”  Now there are so many subtle nuances. The result is the same and there’s more truth in that, but there’s also more ownership and responsibility.  It feels like there’s love for the children as opposed to resentment, which is a more empowered state.

Through being mindful of your language and specifically creating your language, you can create an internal result. From the inside you’ll learn a lot about how you really feel on any topic because of your language.

This is a science. It’s very deep for me.  I would consider myself a Bhakti yogi.  Through that tradition, there’s the practice of mantra, and there’s a science of mantra; how we really learn through repetition and how that creates karma in our system.

When people hear the word karma they often think about negative or good karma, but karma really just means cause and effect.  It’s inertia. It’s results. If I do something, it has a karma, meaning that it has a specific result,

With Love,
Andrew McFarlane


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