Don’t Think Small

No little thoughts

“Be mindful of your thoughts, because your thoughts become your words. Be mindful of your words, because your words become your actions. Be mindful of your actions, because your actions become your habits. Be mindful of your habits, because your habits become your character. Be mindful of your character, because your character becomes your destiny.”

There is so much profound truth in that statement. It is reflecting to us the depths of power in the subtle and seemingly small things. How something as subtle as a thought is actively creating our destiny. So we must be mindful of our thinking. Otherwise it may take us places that we never truly intended to go.

I was driving with a friend and recalling how I was beginning to see more into the connectedness of events. That us being there in the car together this day was actually many moments in one. That it was the moment that I moved to Los Angeles. It was the moment I decided to start practicing yoga. It was the moment that I stopped eating meat. These were all things that we had in common, and these commonalities of proximity and lifestyle habits helped bring us together. So at times when I look at events in my life I see all of those choices I have made before then as well.

I know some of those examples might not be seen as small, and in some ways they are not. They are character traits that can define many of us deeply. But all of these things that have become a part of my or your character, became that way slowly over time. They did not happen in one action, but through perpetual, repetitious, consistent action.

We all have many habits and character traits that have created a path in our life that we may or may not be aware of. Sometimes we wake up in a situation and ask ourselves how we got there. Or we wake up to our own being and wonder how we have become the way we are.

Much of it is our perspective. Our perspective contextualizes our thoughts. A perspective is a specific position and view you have on something. From there the thoughts that reflect and correspond to that perspective follows.

The human race in general has always had a limited perspective. We used to believe the earth was flat. If you held that point of view, you may not travel out of fear of falling off the edge. Which can be a reasonable secondary thought, but unfortunately the initial thought or perspective was wrong. This is a simple example that reflects how perspective and thoughts will dictate our choices, actions and emotions.

Often times, unfortunately, we find ourselves battling our decisions merely from the level of action. We do not actually go into the more subtle realm of thoughts and perspectives. Not realizing that it is these fundamental things that are creating the context of our life.

If we gain a grander perspective on seemly small thoughts, see how they relate to the over all movement of our lives and what they mean for our quality of being in the present and in the future, we will naturally make different choices day to day.

The moment you choose to do something different, you are a different person. Simply, the person who has certain habits, thoughts and ways of interacting in the world is the one you know. The person who is growing out of you is the one that you don’t know. The one you are now may project familiarity into the future but in truth it’s just a projection. You actually don’t know who you are and what your quality of life will be once you are willing grow and do things differently.

This has to start by understanding yourself and the things you are nurturing.

Let’s say for example you are someone who does not meditate and you decide you are going to take on sitting silently for 20 minutes a day. The person who actually does this and the person who thinks about doing it are two completely different people. It’s like playing a game in contrast to watching a game. Everyone knows that things look different from the inside out. The PERSPECTIVE you have changes once you are on the field.

Once you move deeper into your being, you are now experiencing life from a new perspective. You truly become a new person.

Be aware of where you are putting your attention. Know that your ATTENTION waters the seeds of thoughts in the mind. It is creating your experience. Notice…When you water new plants, old plants that don’t get watered die. So don’t put your attention on overcoming your bad habits, the things you want to avoid, or don’t want from life. Put your energy and attention on what is emerging then naturally the things that don’t serve and reflect that will fall away.

If you want to see your future. Look at your day. The future is born out of every present moment. Based on what you are choosing to create. Choice is always a function of awareness, nurture that.

IF you want to SHIFT YOUR FUTURE. You must allow A SHIFT to take place right now. Internally. You must acknowledge and meditate on the energy that is attempting to emerge. For me it’s the same energy that inspires me to write this. For you, it’s the same energy that is inspires you to read this. recognize it.

DOING always follows the BEING.

All actions are an expression of who you are.

Don’t worry about what to do. That will come as a by product of who you are being. Ask yourself what qualities you want to embody to fulfill your essence. Then everything will follow to honor that truth. Take on the small things that arise moment to moment with this level of attention. It will have the greatest effect.

How will you choose to express your love today?

I love you all.

Andrew McFarlane


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