How To Not Take Things Personally

How do we not take things personally? We hear this a lot.  I want to share some insights on this that have really supported me in my life in a significant way. This can be seen as an experience that may be the simplest or most challenging thing that we do. We must first realize that nothing is personal. People can only give you what they ... More

I DO NOT want to see any temples

I DO NOT Want To See Any Temples. As I travel through the beautiful and sacred land of Thailand I have become present to something that I feel is worth addressing. It is something that has become grossly apparent while I have been here and I feel may play a role in many of our lives in a multitude of subtle and not so subtle ways. ... More

The Power Of Language

The Power of Language 

Today I am writing about the power of language and conscious communication. Primarily, because what I’ve learned is that the way we communicate about things reveals a lot about our subconscious.  How we really feel about what it is that were doing manifests, and words are powerful. 

Growing up, we ... More

The Stages Of Freedom

The Stages Of Freedom Today I felt inspired to write about freedom and the stages of freedom.  For me, when I was younger, I always thought about freedom very externally; in the physical sense.  Where can I travel?  Where can I go so that I can be free?   Then, as I began to evolve, I began to be aware that our real freedom ... More

What Does It Mean To Forgive?

Someone once said that, “unforgiveness is like you drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

 I want to reflect on this idea. At times we may say, “ I forgive you,” as if we’re actually doing something for the other person.   That you’re forgiving someone else. I want to first acknowledge that nothing ... More